Hiraeth Restorations, LLC

Immersed in the Past

With the most rudimentary tools, logs can be worked into timbers with wonderful precision. Each tool leaves a different texture on the wood. As such, I am pleased to offer hewn timbers of various types, sizes, and finishes, from the rustic unevenness of the felling ax and the smooth but slightly wavy broadax to the precise dimples of the foot adze and the very smooth finish of the draw knife.


With timbers, one can do almost anything, from building handmade furniture, building a log cabin, or framing. Perfect for exposed beams! You can either purchase the timbers or I will hew them out of logs you provide. Imagine building your own home and using some of the trees on site in the construction! With my hewing services, it is a distinct and reasonably priced possibility. Who needs a sawmill when one has a strong back and a fine broadax?



Riven clapboards and shingles were a common material two centuries ago. With that in mind, we offer them here. We recommend white oak for roofing shingles. Occasionally, other types of wood are available.


Clapboards are split radially, equal to or even superior to quarter sawn lumber. This means there will be very little if any warping or shrinkage. The standard length for clapboards is four feet. Width varies but averages between four and six inches.



Riven shingles, referred to as shakes by some, are also split radially. Carefully split from straight logs, we can do any length up to 24 inches. The surface of each shingle is then smoothed using a draw knife and hand plane.

We are in the process of rebuilding our forge and foundry, so expect to see handmade rose head nails later on this year, the perfect touch for early American style clapboards.

Fence Rails


And then there are logs that just won't work for finer applications. Starting every January, we split these logs into fence rails. We leave them rough, bark still in place, some splinters, unless the client wants a higher quality rail. We can make them for snake rail fencing or post-and-rail, all handmade. Maple, cedar, oak, sassafras. Availability depends on the wood we are working with at the time the order is taken.