Hiraeth Restorations, LLC

Immersed in the Past



Each order is filled as it comes in. We do not keep a large inventory on hand. Since each customer and project has different needs, we treat everything as custom work. Pricing depends on many variables but below, we provide a basic price list.


Basic Stonework


Dry Stacked- $5/cubic foot

Mortar Work-$15/cubic foot

Mortar Work(looks drystacked)- $20/cubic foot

*add $10/cubic foot if we provide the stone

Hewn Timbers


6"x6"- $4/ft.

8"x8"- $8/ft.

10"x10"- $14/ft.

12"x12"- $20/ft.


6"x6"- $3/ft.


10"x10"- $12/ft.

12"x12"- $18/ft.


*other woods available through the year. If you have logs you would like hewn, please ask for pricing.


Split Shingles

$3/square foot(based on roofing standard of three shingle overlap)




Fence Rails


Rough Split(bark still in place, some splinters)- $.50/ft.

Fine Split(bark removed, finished with adze)- $.75/ft.

Post-and-Rail(same as Fine Split except with ends tapered with adze- $.80/ft.







Flat plaster will generally cost between $2 and $5 a square foot depending on many variables. As always, I tend to give the lowest possible price and the best possible quality. Consultations are free.

Clapboard Siding

$3/square foot, unfinished

$4/square foot, finished

*reveals vary between bundles, from 2" to 4", overlap of approximately one inch

*available in oak, pine, and other woods. Availability varies.