Hiraeth Restorations, LLC

Immersed in the Past

In the past, before coal became readily available, charcoal provided the energy so crucial to civilization.

We built a forge several years ago and, instead of purchasing coal, began to make our own charcoal. Each type of charcoal, we found, acted differently in the forging process. Some burned quickly and hot, others slow but longer. It has proven very useful in our metalworking shop.

For your culinary use, we are pleased to introduce "Maryland's Best Charcoal". You can choose between white oak, red oak, maple, cherry, and peach. Other types may be available in the course of the year. This charcoal is made from the chips and blocks generated by our timber hewing operations. Recycling is more than a good idea. It's our way of life!

Order a bag today and experience 100% natural charcoal. At fifty cents a pound, you can't go wrong.

*minimum order of twenty pounds

** contact us to request a sample. We ship anywhere in the continental USA. Thanks.