Hiraeth Restorations, LLC

Immersed in the Past



In 1724, William Lasley of Northern Ireland arrived on the banks of the Big Elk Creek in Cecil County, Md. Three centuries later, his descendants, including the founder of Hiraeth Restorations, LLC, still live on the properties surrounding the original plantation. Through political and social upheavals, wars, and depressions, a deep sense of belonging has kept the descendants of Lasley firmly planted in their native soil. The founder of Hiraeth Restorations, LLC takes this sense of belonging to a higher level. Through his work, he finds a connection to generations long since faded from memory, generations which he half-remembers as he swings his broadax, places a stone in a wall, or sweats patiently by his forge. Welcome to our site. Welcome to Hiraeth!

Our Services

  •  Early American stone and brick work

  • Hewn timbers and timber framing

  • Clapboards and shingles

  •  Plaster

  •  Early Colonial-style woodworking

  •  Charcoal

  •  Blacksmithing(in the works)

 If they built it 200 years ago, we probably can too!